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Sharing Mindfulness and Human Connection: Julio Rivera Interviews Kyle Somersall

I chatted with Julio Riveraabout leaving my job, creating spaces for people to connect with themselves and others, bringing a mental health focus into schools, and more.

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Making The World Happier One Gratitude Journal At A Time: An Interview With Teddy Droseros

Teddy and I met one evening in The Village (NYC) and chatted about his gratitude journal, his transition to being more intentional about his health, and his quest to add gratitude practices to school curriculums.

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One Man Left Copies of His Gratitude Journal at Different Cafes and Businesses in NYC--Here's What People Wrote

Teddy Droseros is the founder of Grateful Peoples and the designer of the gratitude journal. He made the journal to help others express gratitude and create happiness.

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