Get Rid of the Unnecessary and Hear Yourself Think


How often do we find ourselves running around with more than enough things on our to-do list? How often do we realize we’ve been doing this for too many days?

The reality is that we, as young adults, are growing not just into the logistical responsibilities that come with adulthood, such as paying rent or managing our budgets, but also the responsibilities of tending to ourselves (physically, mentally, and emotionally). What I mean by “tending to ourselves” is that we are no longer kids that can throw a tantrum when we get upset nor teenagers that choose to be emotionally immature when we want to avoid a situation.

There are a lot of things that we now need to figure out and decide on for ourselves. In fact, now more than ever it truly feels like our lives are in our hands, and it’s up to us to find the means to guide ourselves in ways that will help us flourish.

In an ideal world, we would easily navigate our days with a balance between the time we dedicate to our logistical responsibilities and the responsibilities to our personhood. However, I’ve found that this world moves too quickly.

There’s not enough time in a day! In trying to keep up, we run around with a million thoughts in our heads—work deadlines, the project you’ve been wanting to start, drinks after work, how tired you feel, rent is coming up, needing or desperately wanting a new job, a conflict in one of your personal relationships etc.

Things start to mentally pile up until we find ourselves completely overwhelmed. This starts to affect how productive you’re able to be with the things you’re working on, your focus takes a toll, the quality of your work can diminish, and ultimately your personal life will feel out of your control.

Here’s the solution: get rid of the unnecessary and hear yourself think.

We don’t listen to the voice inside us that is asking us if we can take a break. Our mind wants to be cleared so badly and instead we keep adding to it with the false pretense that by adding we’re at least giving things some thought.

Ask yourself, is everything you’re thinking about as important as you believe it is?

Are the things you’re choosing to dedicate time to when you’re complaining there's not enough time truly the best use of your time? What are the tasks that can be accomplished in a few minutes and which ones need to be divided into smaller tasks? Who are the people and what are the things distracting you? In what areas of your life have you been overextending yourself? What has your body been asking of you? Do you really need to be everything to everybody at this very moment?

The solution is to take the time to readjust the energy you’re spending thinking about everything, assess the things and people that are a priority to you in the now, and recalibrate yourself with a plan that will help you go about the next week with more ease. Do this at the end of every week.

We forget that the option to clear our mind and energy is always available to us. We just need to not be afraid of saying no to people and take the time we need to sit with everything we’ve been thinking about so that we can organize it.

The solution is not to stop thinking or doing, but to think and do in smarter ways that are aligned with your wants, needs, and limits.

Esthefany Castillois Dominican-American writer currently based in New York City. To Esthefany, writing is a way to make sense of her every day, share her thoughts with the world, and connect with others with whom it resonates. Aside from writing she enjoys music, traveling, going out with friends, connecting intimately with people, yoga, and meditation.