How To Be Fully Alive In Your Own Love


My friend once told me that she felt most alive when she was in a romantic relationship. I understood what she meant and realized as we talked that I want the stretches when I am single to be just as vital as when I am dizzyingly in love. Hell, I want every moment in my life to be rich in radiant love & liveliness.

Cultivating a strong, secure, abundant love for yourself and the beautiful badass you are growing more deeply into every day is so damn ENERGIZING. And it is a practice that you can nurture regardless of whether you are in a relationship. Is being single always 100% awesome? No. Is being in a relationship always 100% awesome? No. But that's because being a person is a wild ride and sometimes life is smooth & sweet and sometimes it is rocky & rough (can you tell I really want some ice cream right now?)

Lately, I have been deriving a lot of life energy from pouring a whole lot of love into my relationship with my self, my friends, my family, and our shared world. I've just been treating myself to beautiful plants and going out for kombucha with friends and reading books in bed and going on juicy hikes through gorgeous mountains. I'm working hard to make my dream career happen and fighting desperately to heal this earth. And it feels so good for my soul, to treat my tender heart like she matters (because she does) and this world like she's our everything (because she is).

How can you be more fully alive in your own love? By opening your heart up to what you truly want and showing compassion for where you are in life. Write a list of the things that make you feel beautiful in your body and bring your heart joy. And then go do them. You don't have to wait for permission or keep your fingers crossed that things will change. You can create nourishing, love-filled, life-giving opportunities all on your own. Because you, sweet human bean, are powerful.