Love is Resistance


After the election, I questioned things about myself and the world that I thought I understood. I believed the answer to the world’s flaws was love. I assumed that if I practiced love enough, it would become a boundless radiance flowing toward all beings and glowing for the universe when there wasn’t a target.

My understanding of love included self-love, love for others, appreciative joy, compassion and acceptance of the present moment. I expected that if I continued to practice these qualities of the heart, I would continue to see light. I considered my experience to be proof: I was able to create more space, peace and joy in my life by practicing mindful acts of love.

However, on election day, the ground was pulled from under me. I spent the subsequent days regaining balance and reevaluating my foundation. I asked myself: how do you love when you’re being attacked? I also questioned what love looked like as a form of resistance. After numerous reflections and conversations, I concluded that love is resistance.

Rocking an afro in a world that tells you, you need straight hair to be beautiful is resistance and is in fact self-love. Protesting when a 17-year-old black boy gets chased by neighborhood watch, shot to death and then painted as the villain, is resistance and is also the product of love for others. Speaking up when a homophobic peer expresses hateful remarks, volunteering for organizations combating oppression, offering resources to service organizations, reaching out to others in pain, educating, organizing, building community are all acts of love.

Love is resistance to hate and oppression.

I’ve regained my balance, and I’m ready to love more. I’m inspired to remind myself that I am enough in a world that considers me second-class because I’m sun-kissed, inspired to speak up, inspired to act, inspired to resist at all costs.

Today, there are more people in this country and the world that understand that something is wrong. We feel the ball of energy in our gut that tells us white supremacy and patriarchy cannot persist. That is love. Trust it. Act on it. Resist.