Scientist Shows How Words and Thoughts Affect Physical Reality


Last summer, I spent three days in Chiang Rai, Thailand at the beautiful Museflower Retreat and Spa. It was a wonderful and regenerative experience.

One memorable moment was a half an hour conversation I had with Tania, the founder and owner of Museflower. A large part of our conversation rested on the power of words.

She shared the work of Dr. Emoto, a Japanese researcher who discovered an effect on water he called HADO. Dr. Emoto described HADO as “the intrinsic vibration pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy“

His experiments sought to prove that our thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality. He focused on the impact different vibrations had on the shape of water ice crystals.

He studied samples of water from many parts of the world and discovered that water from densely polluted rivers didn’t produce water crystals, while water from clean mineral spring sources produced full and beautiful ice crystals when frozen. This result made sense to me, but I was surprised and initially skeptical of his later findings.

In his subsequent experiments, he used clean tap water and sent different human emotions and thoughts towards the water. To his astonishment, the water reacted to the intentions behind his energy.

When Dr. Emoto directed positive words to the water and froze it, the result was refined and organized crystals. In contrast, when he expressed negative thoughts or emotions towards the water, the frozen water crystals were chaotic in form or failed to crystalize at all.

Later, Dr. Emoto put stickers on bottles of water and labeled them with words such as love, god, hate and devil. At this moment in the conversation, I was doubtful that writing words on a sticky piece of paper attached to a bottle could impact the water. But I smiled and continued to listen. Similar to the previous experiments, the frozen water crystals reflected the intention of the words directed at the water.

Next, Dr. Emoto experimented with different types of music. He found that the vibrations of peaceful classical music and aggressive hard rock music were also reflected in the ice crystals formed once the water was frozen.

Tania smiled at me as she revealed the final findings of Dr. Emoto’s studies; I sat stuck to the couch and pondered how words that humans made up could turn frozen water from crystals to chaos.

After reflecting, I realized the formation of the crystals had nothing to do with the letters in the words and everything to do with the energy associated with the words.

We are made up of 60% water, and the vibrations we emit influence our water’s ripple. It also impacts the ripples of others. Merely changing our thoughts changes our energy; it changes our reality.

Replacing our thoughts is hard. Most of our thoughts are habitual and thus happen at the subconscious level. However, there is also incredible power in knowing that we can make anything a habit and allow it to become our new reality.

The brain is remarkable and the mind is vast.

Since our perspective is a manifestation of resonating energy, when we change the vibration, we change how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

I’ve been trying to consider more of the things I’m grateful for. I allow the soothing nature of warm water, the calming vibrations trees emit, Chance the Rapper’s golden lyrics, and my nephew's smile to be sources of beautiful water crystals.

Each time I see or imagine my nephew, I remind myself that he’s miracle. I tell him that I love him and that he’s amazing. Those vibrations matter.

When I look in the mirror or think about myself, I put energy into forming habits of mind that perpetuate the substance of clean mineral water.

While we are inundated with information that tells us we aren’t enough, we also have the power to change those messages. Positive self-talk and gratitude are two practices that can change our energy and relative experience.

I think gratitude is a good habit to start with because many of us have practiced it before.

Right now, take a few conscious breaths, scan your body and/or the space around you, and consider five things you’re grateful for.

Kyle Somersall is the founder of my innerglow. He’s a former elementary school teacher and current meditation teacher. He’s interested in bringing a focus on mental health into schools and building community around mindfulness and human connection.