Transform Your Company


Meditation and mindfulness practices are scientifically proven to decrease stress and also help to increase productivity. These practices offer a mental clarity that enhances your communication and allows you to access your full creative problem solving skills. We offer customized packages for your company's wellness needs.


Corporate Packages

Mindfulness & Meaningful Connection in the Workplace (1 hour)

In this workshop, you'll learn the science behind enhancing productivity, focus, and wellness while relieving stress and anxiety. You’ll also learn fundamentals behind growing team bonds and communication. You'll experience a guided meditation, learn breathing and relaxation techniques, and practice a connection exercise.

Workshop includes:

  • Interactive discussion on the mechanics of meditation

  • Education on the physiological benefits of mindfulness and meditation

  • Connection exercise

  • Q&A


In Office Meditation Sessions (1 hour)—6 session minimum 

  • Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly meditation sessions

  • Ongoing instruction to help employees maintain and use the techniques they’ve learned

  • Forum for employees to destress and refocus in the work environment


Stress Management Through Meditation 4 Week Program

Our 4-week program deconstructs the benefits of meditation and illustrates how to implement mindfulness practices into your daily life inside and outside of your work environment, resulting in improvement in well-being and productivity.

Program includes:

  • 4 sessions—1 hour each day

  • Practical, easy to implement tips on how to reduce stress and increase focus in the office

  • Guided meditations [each week a new technique will be taught to help each attendee find a method that works for them]

  • Q&A


Customized Services

Innerglow Corporate can customize meditation and stress management programs to meet your companies specific needs. Workshops are typically scheduled before work, during the lunch hour, or after work hours.


Benefits of Corporate Meditation

  • Increased Productivity

    • Increases focus

    • Enhances attention, learning ability, and memory

  • Increased clarity and happiness

    • Increases positive emotion

    • Decreases depression, stress, and anxiety

  • Increased Employee Loyalty

    • Mediation Increases feelings of compassion

    • Wellness programs show employees that their company cares about their health and well-being 

  • Improved Communication

    • Clarity of mind leads to clearer and more effective communication

    • Meditation improves emotional intelligence

  • Improved Health and Decreased Absenteeism due to illness

    • Provides an effective way to deal with stress

    • Increases immune function